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Pharma Development Data & Statistical Sciences is a department of over 1,200 data scientists at Roche.

This website is focussed on cataloguing our collaborations that are in the public domain. All content here is also available from other disparate public sources, predominantly conference presentations, contributions to pan-pharma public working groups, or contributions to organisations like our public funding of the R Consortium and R/Pharma. We aim to collate them into one location in this site, to provide a clearer picture of what we have done and said in the public domain about open source collaboration in late stage drug development.

We are key enablers of PD Data Sciences @ Roche’s impact by revolutionizing the way our Data Scientists generate actionable insights.

-Ryan Copping, Global Head Data Science Acceleration, Genentech

Key people

  • James Black, Leads Insights Engineering, sponsoring projects across our insight codebase across RWD and clinical trials with the aim of making the path from data to insights streamlined. James is also a co-founder of R/Pharma, Board Member of the Open Source in Pharma Non-Profit and co-leads the PhUSE working group on Open Source Guidance.
  • Ross Farrugia, Leads Data Engineering, sponsoring projects involved in the transformation of case report form data into robust, traceable, analysis ready and regulatory requirement conformant data.
  • Juha-Pekka Perttola, a senior leader in our Analytical Data Science community, with deep connections across Pharma into statistical programming workflows and the adoption of each new generation of tools to make the path to insights more efficient.

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